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How Fast Can I Go?

cycle photoI am a rapid cycler. In terms of bipolar disorder that means that your moods can fluctuate quite quickly. With regularly bipolar 1, mood shifts are months apart. With rapid cycling they can be days, hours, minutes.

Let tell you about waking yesterday morning. I had great dreams for a surprise so I was in an excellent mood. Then shifted to desperate sadness. Next up was some hallucinating. Then rage. All this happened in less than 2 hours. Shit. Do you know how exhausting it is to be 4 people in the span of time it takes to watch a movie.

Lately my rapid cycling has increased, maybe it’s stress. Maybe it is medications. It is being in between therapists where I can get all of this out in a productive way.

But for now I have to deal with the situation is feels as it come. Mad, then freaking rage (don’t hurt anyone). Happy, shine like the sun. Hallucinate, call a crisis line. Sadness, call a friend and talk. There isn’t an answer for everything. Just know there are others out there who fly through emotions. Like me.

How Fast Can I Go?

Elaina J. Martin

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