Have you seen the movie ‘Mr. Jones’ with Richard Gere? If you want to understand bipolar disorder I really recommend it. it depicts mania and depression so explicatively.

I wanted to talk about the part of the movie where he believes he can fly. He isĀ  on the rooftop of a house under construction. He is ut happy. H truly believes if he steps off the edge of the building he will be fine. This part of the movie rang so true for me. It made me feel less alone. Because I have felt the same way.

I used to climb to the rooftop of our 3 story house and sit there and believe, I too, could fly. I imagined I would fly to the house across the street and wake up the little girl and just by holding her hand we would float above the neighborhood.

I know how ridiculous that sounds. I can even see that now. But mania is a funny thing, it cab make you believe the folly. Shit, it can make you believe you can fly.