Sometimes being beautifully bipolar is a lonely state of being. You isolate yourself from the world. You don’t leave the house. You sleep a lot. You just don’t want to communicate with other humans (pets are okay).This is the part where loneliness is your fault. See, sometimes you have a choice in this ‘loneliness’ thing.

Other times, you don’t. Sometimes you have so much times on your hands that the day seems endless. And you can’t fill it. You don’t have the energy to accomplish anything. I know.

You wish someone would call or answer your phone calls, but why? They can’t understand you. They don’t know what being beautifully bipolar is all about. They don’t understand your loneliness. They can’t and you expect them to. You have a mental illness and your brain flip-flops around like a fish on a line. You are trapped in this mind fuck and for the ‘normal’ people, it is just inexplicable.

But don’t give up. Seek out therapy where you won’t feel so alone. Make some true friends. Find a couple people in your family you can rely on. Try not to isolate. And try not to worry about the people who don’t call you back. They are missing out on the beauty.


Elaina J. Martin

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