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Sometimes It Gets Better

Yesterday sucked most of the time. I am broke. I was hoping to see my mom and didn’t. I wanted to go to a women’s meet-up in the afternoon. I drove a few miles and realized I hadn’t taken my midday pills and had to turn around and come back home, swallow them, and be on my merry way. Then I think I hit every light in town. Meanwhile, my GPS is telling me to go this way and that – and I do, this and that ’til I arrive in the middle of downtown.

This is not where I need to be. I Google the name of the place and it is 15 minutes away. I am already fifteen minutes late. So, scratch that. I take my damn coloring book to a coffee shop and try to be happy coloring, but I’m not. This is not what I had planned.

But I met another guy (who has yet to prove to be an ass) on a dating site. We have a lot in common. He makes me laugh. It feels different from the other guys and I like it. Yesterday we talked, text, and joked and my day got better. I am not saying (flutter eyelashes) we are getting married. I am saying that sometimes, on an afternoon when you want to cry, it can get better.

P.S Still typing one-handed due to the sprain. Yay.

Sometimes It Gets Better

Elaina J. Martin

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