First of all, dear reader, I apologize for the late (lack of) posting this week. I sprained my wrist so I am down to one working hand.


I started a certain medication a few weeks and almost immediately the paranoid feelings started. I felt like bugs were crawling on my skin, like, externally creeping on me. Yeah, not fun. It was driving me bananas. I also felt like someone was following me or behind me. It was scary. So I did what any responsible mentally ill person should do – I called my psych doctor. I wasn’t able to speak to him right away, he did call me back that evening. He couldn’t figure it out so got off the phone looked into reactions of my meds and called me back. We switched some things around, took out that med, and upped the dose of another. So far, so good. Well, except for the wrist.

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Elaina J. Martin

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