Some of my side effects are making me feel like an old lady again. First of all, I tripped this past week. In the middle of the night I woke up and fell sideways onto some luggage at the end of my bed. And I can tell you, buddy, that hurt. Wakes you right up!

Then there was a toe stubbing on the left foot yesterday, which is still hurting today. Also, I had a very hard day keeping things straight and not falling down.

The shakes have taken over and I have succumb to them. I can’t fight them any longer. My doctor and I dipped down the culprit drug and yet, no result. I can’t even hold the phone to my ear without my wrist violently shaking. Now the trembling can reach clear to my shoulders. I can barely write by hand, hardly do my make-up (especially my eyeliner).

It isn’t that I accept all this, I don’t. I am mad. I am reluctant. But I am starting to get to the point that perhaps I may have to be cool with how this is all turning out. This is life. This is my life. It comes with it’s challenges. It hasn’t been what I had planned for myself and these physical trials are just something I have to deal with until maybe they right themselves.

Photo by Public Places