When I got my Bernese Mountain Dog from my parents, I named her Hope – because that is what I needed. She is amazing and gives me a purpose, but sometimes I  even lose hope. I look at my illness as a burden that I must forever carry, like I am, in some way, plagued.I feel like I am sick and there is no cure and there never will be one, so what is the point?

Dear, reader, this is when you have to love yourself the most. You CANNOT give up or give in to any of those dark thoughts – and, yes, I know the thoughts you think. Reach out, even if it is uncomfortable. Find one person you can spill your guts to a; high school counselor, a college counselor, a supportive friend, a family member. Don’t tell them lightly. Don’t let it be a joke. Make sure they know you are having a hard time in your life. it is important.

I don’t feel hopeless anymore. Yes, I have a chronic illness, but things could be worse. 😉

Photo by kudumomo