So for months I have been talking about stress. On and on. I apologize if it became tiresome. But here is what has been going on.

Last Sunday my grandma cooked dinner for me. The next morning she had open heart surgery. She is still in the hospital. Today she couldn’t even remember the names of her two little “precious” dogs. It’s fucked. I was feeling better about the surgery and her recovery until the last two days. I don’t believe she will die, but I thought she would be home by now and now then it was Monday and not it is ??? Sigh.

The Big Secret I didn’t tell you that was stressing me out was – I bought a house! I have a front door, guest room, mortgage – the whole deal. And I own it. I don’t have to have a roommate. Just me and my dog.  No more renting. Congratulations, me.

Anyway, sorry for the late and minimal posting, I have been at the hospital and at my grandma’s without internet and then sprucing up a house – also without internet.


Promise more next week.