I read a lot. I think, as a writer, you should. I always read about how anxiety manifests itself in different way in different people, but I just wanted to tell you what happens to me. Some things are different; some the same.

When I get anxious, I get fidgety. I wiggly my legs, rub my hands together. It’s like bugs crawling all over me.

Another indication that I am feeling anxious is that I will put my hand on my chest. I get I am trying to comfort myself.

I will feel totally overwhelmed and cry. I know crying is seen by many as a weakness, I see it as a release of emotion. Crying is when you have so much emotion inside you it has to come out.

I will breathe fast and hard- perhaps hyperventilating.

These are just a few¬† things I don’t normally see on people’s anxiety lists, but like I said everyone is different.

But one things remains true for all of us who suffer panic attacks – during them we feel like we will die.