Being beautifully bipolar is hard row to hoe. You have the broken relationhips. You have the meds and all the side effects and damage that comes along with them. You have the endless cost of things for those without insurance- for those of us with it. So many mistakes and bad judgments made during episodes, both high and low.

Sometimes it is best to just start over. First of all, lose the attitude. Yes, you have a chronic illness, but you can make it through this life with it. With your will there is a way. Secondly, take a look at what isn’t working in your life. If a certain person causes you to feel depressed, do what you have to do to limit your time with that person. If a med isn’t working talk to your psych doc to change it. Your healthcare is up to YOU. Take┬ácare of yourself.

Be drastic. Take in a change of scenery – whether it be a vacation or a move. I am currently doing one such thing and it has me excited (nervous as hell) but excited. I believe with every new place you go you, you learn something new, often about yourself. And because this blog is about bipolar disorder, maybe that something will be how to better manage your illness.

Here’s your assignment: make one change in your life to make living with bipolar disorder easier.