Mental illness is a mind game. For people like me, people with bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. So let’s take that literally – it is a disorder that affects one’s mood. For me, stress exacerbates my moods. Right now is a very stressful time for me so I am especially “moody.” Lately I have had these outbursts of crying. It’s odd. One minute good things are happening, the next moment I am crying.

Last week I called my psych doctor from the side of the street in my neighborhood and left her  message talking a million miles an hour about the signs I I was feeling that I was becoming hypomanic. Wen I was got off the phone I began uncontrollably crying. My mood just totally shifted.

Mood disorders are very interesting. Not fun, but interesting. I have rapid cycling bipolar disorder 1 which means that my moods may change minute to minute or month to month. It is a bumpy and unwelcomed ride.

Know that however bad you feel or however crazy you feel, you WILL once again find some sense of normality. Just ride the wave and hang on for dear life.