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This Or That?

Some decisions are harder than others. What flavor of potato chips you are going to pick from the vending machine and who you are going to ask to prom are worlds apart. Some decisions are about places others are about people.

Should you take that job halfway across the country? Is he the “one?”

I am currently undergoing a life change.

Big decision.

I have to choose something and it is hard because it is a commitment I can’t just wriggle out of if it doesn’t suit me. I wish I could just ask all my dear readers your opinion, it would make things so much easier. But right now, it is my secret.

I think being bipolar sometimes makes it harder to make these big decisions. Why? Because your brain is unpredictable. Unlike the “average” brain, yours vacillates – often changing. Change can frighten you because you don’t know how you will react. For example, for me, stress causes mood shifts. Depression. Mania. Who knows?

So, take the time to listen to your gut, heart, and mind. It will lead you in the right direction.

This Or That?

Elaina J. Martin

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