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Tips On Living With A Mental Illness

Mental illness is a hard illness to navigate. Importantly, there is therapy and sharing your thoughts and feelings. This doesn’t always feel good: often it does not. But it is an important part of wellness. You have to have someone you trust that you can share you most earnest thoughts with.

Then, there are the medications. Whether, or whether not, you chose to take them isĀ up to you. I find them helpful in my own stability. If you choose to take them, the most important thing is that you take them on time everyday – always. Don’t think it is you that is better and that you don’t need the meds anymore, because they will lie to you and tell you that you are better without them. That is not the truth.

A support system is imperative. NAMI. DBS. Meeting with either. Forums where you can remain anonymous. Online discussions where you share who you are. Friends who know about your illness. Family who love you and will hold you up through this. You NEED a support system. Whoever you can find that helps you feel less alone to face this battle every day.

An outlet. I write. I blog. I speak. I fight stigma every time I answer questions about my emotional support animal. What do you do? Maybe you paint. Maybe you draw. Maybe you write poetry. Maybe photography is your thing. Just do something. Let your emotions out. No one need understand. It just needs to matter to you.

It is so hard to keep your shit together when you are mentally ill. It is hard to keep your shit together even when you are not. But you can, and will, make it through this life, dear reader. I hope this blog helped in some tiny way. XOXO


Tips On Living With A Mental Illness

Elaina J. Martin

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