It is easy, you know, to become complacent, to give up. to give in. Lazy is a fucking four letter word. You hear me.

I haven’t been the blogger for you that I should have been lately and there are reasons for that. For a while, I was ill – mentally. And then there was the displacement of a half-cross country move. It was life and it was fast and it was hard. You know. You hear me. And insurance was/ is a BITCH (but thank God I have some sort of it). Needed job. Needed money.

But I am here now and I will write for you about everything. Every little nuance of living a life with a mental illness because I think that is important. Stigma thrives in a society of ignorance and I simply will not stand for it. If people knew we felt as deeply, if not more deeply that they did, I think the world would change. It’s like this, right, someone tells you your breath is rank as you lean in to kiss them, hurts right? Now, imagine the same exact scenario but for another person it affects them even more intensely.

I am not sure if anyone has actually come out and asked me if, given the choice, I would have bipolar disorder or not. I know some people who would love to ask me that question. The answer is God made me this way. He said, “Elaina, you will be given a purpose.” 🙂 So, a more eloquent answer to that question is I would choose bipolarity because I am not afraid to talk about it. And someone has to.


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Elaina J. Martin

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