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the PSYCH ward

crazy psych wardI promised in my last post to tell you about my 5 day stay in the Psych Ward in Madison, TN.

First of all they pissed me off making me wait hours to get up to my floor. I had to talk to a psych doc virtually. He asked the wrong questions and was totally stiff. Good times.

So, I finally got to my floor – Unit A. There, I quickly lost my dignity. I had to strip down to my panties. I was then searched. All my marks on my body, scratches, bruises and whatnot. I had to lift each breast (in case I had contraband  there. Ha)! Then, perhaps the most embarrassing moments of my life – I was asked to turn away from the nurse, pull the panties down, then spread my cheeks, squat, and cough. Can you imagine?! I felt violated. I wasn’t a druggy. I wasn’t hiding things up my ass.

Then I was told that I had to take the under wire from my bra. It is one of my nicest and fanciest bras, so I said no. I’d rather not wear a bra than to ruin my bra. (I did get a new one from the closet that fit, thank God, so I only had to eat breakfast in a hospital gown).

I had no clothes to wear except two pair of panties, a pair of jean I came in with, and noisy flats. I had to borrow a new (thank goodness) sweatshirt and a “1985” Tommy Hilfiger tee-shirt. Vintage. I basically wore the same clothes every day. At night, I put them in the hallway to be washed separate from others’ overnight.

I usually got up around 6:30 am. Breakfast was at 7. Then we went from 10-3 to classes. Lunch at 12. After 3 we went upstairs to our floor and had “quiet time” from 3-3:30 in our own rooms. We were then released to hang out in the day room. Dinner was at 5. Then more quiet time from 5:30-6:30. Then we had some free time to talk or watch a movie or play games. Plus we had a snack around 8. Bedtime was 10pm. FOR 5 DAYS!!!

And, all of that said, this was one of the better places I have stayed. The other crazies were totally cool and it made it comfortable. Being around people “like” you makes you feel less crazy.

I couldn’t have my phone, just the two phones on the walls of the hallway. I lived for phone calls coming in for me. Try being imprisoned from the world for 5 days. Uff.

I have so much more I can share, but with my med changes right now I am having a hard time typing so I will save more for later.


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the PSYCH ward

Elaina J. Martin

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