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How Attraction Can Mimic Mania

cute couple holding handsIt is easy for me to get swept up in things – people, ideas, projects. When I get swept up by a guy, I have to watch myself because a kiss is practically manic-inducing. I want to talk to everyone, about everything, just like I do when I am manic. I see the bright side of life (never mind Saturday I was stuck in bed). All of a sudden, the world has changed colors.

There is also sex. Now, just for the sake of your knowledge I do not, nor have I ever, slept around, had a one-night stand, etc. But some people become very amorous when they are manic and sometimes when a person is attracted to another person, well, it feels like that. That feeling that you can’t get enough of the other person.

There may also be an inflated ego, not a far cry from manic’s feelings of grandeur. Someone is paying attention to you, and not only are they paying attention, they think you are the cat’s meow! What feels better than that?

Now, of course mania is much more complex then what I have described here, but there is that mirroring going on. And I have to be careful because my episodes get caught up in relationships. My second hospital stay is one account. So, go ahead, fall for a guy or lady, just keep track of your emotions. Maintain your sleep pattern. TAKE YOUR MEDS!!! And have a little fun. Lord knows we deserve it.


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How Attraction Can Mimic Mania

Elaina J. Martin

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