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Rexulti, moods, and psychosis

girl w coffe cupI am now back on 4mg of Rexulti – the highest normal dose. I feel good. Wish my boyfriend was here for a hug – but my mood seems pretty stable and not depressed.

I feel like a guinea pig on this Rexulti experiment. It has only been FDA approved since this past summer, but not for bipolar disorder. It was cleared for {MDD) major depressive disorder and schizophrenia.

I am majorly depressed.I live in my jams. Today I haven’t finished a piece of pizza.Not a cute girl to date.

As  for  schizophrenia Рno, not mine, but I deal with psychosis. Sometimes I think there is someone I know next to me (though we are miles apart). I hear what I call the radio because that is where they are, voices not in front of me, but coming from the sides.

Being mentally ill is a precarious lifestyle. Stick with me and we will make it through this together.



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Rexulti, moods, and psychosis

Elaina J. Martin

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