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How To Get The Unobtainable Meds

pills pink and blueAs you all may know, I take quite a few meds. Many for my mind, others for things like my thyroid. The pharmacy knows me and I’ve been here 5 months. Anyway, lately I’ve had a major problem, with one of my meds stemming from my insurance (of course).

First of all, my doctor put me on Rexulti, gave me samples to try it out. I liked it. I felt it helped lift my mood. It didn’t make me gain weight. I wasn’t having hallucinations. Yay! Let’s go with this drug.

Before my doctor prescribed – like wrote it on a little piece of paper to give to the pharmacist – I checked with my insurance company. Yes it could be covered with prior authorization. That means your doctor has to contact them and tell them why you need the medicine. Fine, we could do that.

Then I was denied Rexulti by my insurance because my doctor requested it for “bipolar.” Apparently it is not FDA approved yet for that specific illness, only major depressive disorder (MDD) and schizophrenia.

So. What do you do when the drug you believe is working costs over $800 a month? You contact the manufacturer of the medicine. My doctor had to complete some papers. I had to complete a form that included how much money I get in a year (very little). Then you wait. Meanwhile, I had to go back on Saphris then Geodon because there were no more samples and I couldn’t get it at the pharmacy.

I heard nothing from the company and while looking deeper into their website thought, perhaps, I didn’t qualify for the payment assistance.

I went to see my psychiatrist yesterday and you know what he had? A bottle of 30 Rexulti tablets with 11 refills. I was amazed. Apparently, my meager bank account and his statements convinced the manufacturer to give me Rexulti free for a year.

My point? If you cannot afford your medication, see if the manufacturer has a plan to make it affordable – or even free. I have also gotten Saphris and Lamictal this way in the past when I had no insurance, by approaching the manufacturers of the meds and both me and my doctor filling out forms.

It isn’t easy, don’t get me wrong, but it can be done and I am proof.



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How To Get The Unobtainable Meds

Elaina J. Martin

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