question markStar Wars, oh, Star Wars. The world is obsessed. If I had a penny for every Facebook post on my feed alone regarding the new movie, I’d be rich.

But what if we could have that momentum behind fighting the stigma of mental illness. We have a month in the fall. We even have a day designated for those of us with bipolar. What if we could do something to stop all the ignorance surrounding our disorders?

I don’t just live with bipolar disorder. I live very closely with obsessive compulsive disorder and let’s add in a great big dose of anxiety disorder. It can be a trip.

What if everyone who is going to see Star Wars instead saw a live TED talk regarding mental illness or a This is my Brave show? What if we could demonstrate what it is like to live as we do? It would be a whole new world.

I am not dissing the movie. I am actually taking my boyfriend tomorrow for his birthday, but I just wanted to put things into perspective. How much energy and thought is exerted into a single movie and what if, instead, we could use that attention to educate people about mental illness?


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