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Labels Belong On Jars

jar labelsThere is thing that happens to us, those with mentally illness, at some point we are diagnosed – which is a good thing. But some people see this as a label and I am sorry but labels belong on jars.

Here’s what you have to remember when you are diagnosed, you are exactly the same person you were five minutes before any diagnosis is given. I was beautifully bipolar before the psychiatrist said it to me. His saying it didn’t change me. I was still me, still beautifully bipolar, it’s just that now I had a name to call the crazy mood swings.

Lately I have been worried about a new “label.” But then I realized what I just told you. If I was “X” I’ve been “X” for a while. A psychiatrist knighting me with a new diagnosis doesn’t change who I am. It only allows us to treat my symptoms better.

Don’t be afraid of being diagnosed with a mental illness. It’s just a name of an illness and it means that now your psychiatric team can better help you. Don’t worry about labels. Try not to get too angry with people who don’t understand your illness. Before I was diagnosed as beautifully bipolar, I didn’t know diddly about the illness. But I educated myself and now, seven years later, I educate you.

Remember, above all, that you are the same amazing person you were before your diagnosis.


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Labels Belong On Jars

Elaina J. Martin

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