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Madness Sucks

madness sucks brainI’ll be honest. I’ve had some new symptoms surface lately. Could it be the stress of the move? Of my new surroundings? Of my boyfriend? Maybe.

Today I met with my psychiatrist, I admire him as a professional. He listened, wrote a lot of notes. Asked appropriate questions. He prescribed a temporary treatment of Geodon. I’ve taken it before. I think back in the beginning of this nonsense. Later, as shots administered to my hip during a mixed (dangerous for me) episode. I believe it works.

You see I’ve gone a bit mad. I have had three episodes that I can collaborate with my boyfriend in 7 weeks. That is troubling. I’ve seen things that aren’t there, heard conversations that are not happening.

But they seem as real as my fingers typing this blog. There is a lot of confusion. A lot of confusion.

I am on a lot of meds and that may be the culprit. I may have become adapt to my antipsychotic, meaning that now it is not as potent. It may just mean that this is a new turn in the life of Elaina J.

I just wanted to say that for all of you out there dealing with hallucinations or delusions, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. They won’t lock you up. It is more common than you know. But try to be aware of reality and what isn’t really real. Listen to those around you. Listen when they say you aren’t yourself. Listen when they say you are safe.

Madness sucks.



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Madness Sucks

Elaina J. Martin

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