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Taking the Pills

taking the pillsI take a lot of pills – for my hypothyroidism, my elevated blood sugar, my monthly cycle, and, most importantly for my mind. Anxiety. OCD. Depression. Mania. Psychosis. We’ve got ’em covered.

Recently, a man has been commenting on my ElainaJ Facebook page. It is a rough translation from Spanish to English, but basically he says I should move on with relationships (after a break-up) and not rely on meds.

Now, if you’ve been a follower of this blog you know I am a big believer in the power of the right meds to change your life. It took me over a year and a half of trial and error – of being told I was “treatment-resistant” – as though I didn’t want the meds to work. I was CRAZY. I know that word offends some of you and I apologize, but to me, that is what I was. I don’t see the word “crazy” as derogatory, I see it as a word for mental instability.

I am not relying on meds to get me through this break-up, Carlos. I am relying on them to keep me sane and alive.

Recently a friend was bold enough to ask me what medications I take. I told him, one by one, what they were and what they were prescribed for. Then he asked if I’d ever been off them. It left a bad taste in my mouth after our lunch together, as though I had the ability to be med-free and sane.

I don’t.

I know because we have tried that before and that led to a suicide attempt and a psych ward. A simple mg change in a prescription can affect me.

So, after all this babbling – what is my point? đŸ™‚ I believe that some people need meds – not to get through a break-up, but to get through life. I wish I was “normal,” oh, how I wish. But instead I take my meds on time. I talk to my doctor or psychiatrist if I am experiencing any mood changes or problems. And every week I count out my pills into the containers and know that there, in those clear plastic squares labeled morning, noon, evening, and bed lies my sanity and good health.


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Taking the Pills

Elaina J. Martin

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