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How Do You Struggle Through Bipolar Depression?

I received an email from a reader in South Africa, no less.

How do I deal with bipolar depression?

going back to bedI am not sure I am qualified to give a statement here as I don’t always succeed in beating the depression, but here are a few tips I’ve learned along this long, twisted way.

* Set small goals.
Whether it be to get up for a shower or just to brush your teeth. Make a goal – a healthy goal – and stick to it. There is something about the chemicals in the brain for a job well done that will reward you. Sometimes I can’t even manage a shower, too much work, but getting up and feeding the dogs is rewarding. There is the wagging of tails and jumps of joy that, yet again, I have risen.

* Allow yourself an extra ten minutes.
Even if this means you will be running behind, on those days when you simply cannot face the day give yourself the luxury of an extra ten minutes. It won’t cure cancer or stop world hunger, but it just might be enough to get you through the day.

*Reach out to those that love you.
Feeling lousy sucks. Point. Blank. But I guarantee you have people in your life that will make you feel anything but. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or send an email or text. That is what love is all about, saving someone else. It can be as simple as, “I feel down today, got anything to lift me up?” And next there will be a joke or a happy memory or something to make you smile. Rely on your friends and loved ones, that is what they are there for.

* Depression is a liar – remember this. Depression will lie to you that death is better than life, that you will never be what you once were or what you once hoped to be. Tell Depression to kiss your ass. You are ALIVE and nothing can take that from you.

* And lastly, and most importantly, when depressed, remember that these feeling won’t last.
It may not be today or tomorrow or the day after that, but these feelings will subside and you will reacquaint yourself with joy and happiness once more. Keep your head up. Keep moving. Don’t hide in the bed covers, they are never quite right anyway.


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How Do You Struggle Through Bipolar Depression?

Elaina J. Martin

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