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Quit making jokes about mental illness!

bipolar jab

It is shit like this that aggravates me.

This was posted on Facebook by “Support Bipolar Awareness!” So far it has been liked 86 times and shared 40.

You see, I am not a joke. I am not some party-time-personality-changing-trick. I have a mood disorder so, thus, yes, you could say I am moody by definition. But I am not some game where you roll the dice and see what mood you get.

The world “bipolar” is used too flippantly. ¬†“This weather is so bipolar” – (one of my favorites). “She got mad at me for no reason, she is so bipolar.” “My mom is totally bipolar.”

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by extreme highs – mania – and extreme lows – depression. It isn’t some vacillating temperament that by waiting mere minutes¬†will be absolved.

I hate when “bipolar” becomes an adjective instead of an illness.

You see, these days, for the most part, my moods are pretty reliable. Stress can send me into a tailspin, but ordinarily I function just as you do. If you don’t like me now, you probably won’t like me in 5 minutes because you are gonna find the same chick standing here with her hands on her hips.

Jokes lessen things, they cheapen things, they take something serious and make it amusing for the masses. Bipolar disorder is not amusing – ask my family, ask my friends, ask my boyfriend.

Imagine for a second this snide remark was made about someone with cancer. Would you laugh? Then why is mental illness so funny?


Quit making jokes about mental illness!

Elaina J. Martin

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