hallucinationsI never knew that some people who live with bipolar disorder experience hallucinations – that is, until it happened to me.

I am seeing a new internal medicine doctor and she asked about my bipolar disorder.



easterThis is going to be a short post – it being Easter and all. I wanted to say how important faith is when you are living with a mental illness.



cropped love tattooMy right wrist is tattooed with the word “Love.” The tattoo faces me. It faces me because I need it to remind me to love myself because,



brave braceletsBrave:
Adjective: possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance
Noun: a warrior
Verb: to meet or face courageously; to defy; challenge; dare

I am brave.


Hoodie Ties

delilah lapDoes my hooded sweatshirt have a tie at the hood? This will differentiate one from another. If it is pre-war, pre-hospitalization for being a danger to myself or others,