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Should you feel sorry for me?

computer wwwI have “friended” and “liked” and “followed” quite a few other bipolar people on Facebook and Twitter. If you spent a day looking at my feeds you would feel sorry for me. Because being bipolar isn’t beautiful. It is horrible.

These people with bipolar disorder make jokes about the illness, like “laugh with me, not at me.” There are jokes about bipolar disorder and OCD. There are jokes about the over-spending money that occurs when some of us are manic. These jokes are written on those old-fashioned looking postcards. See, doesn’t that make it funny?

They speak in extremes. They share emergencies of their followers. See, isn’t it horrible?

But it isn’t a joke and it also isn’t horrible. Don’t get me wrong, this is no cake walk. Like Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy says, this is not an illness in which people bring casseroles to you.

It is an amazingly debilitating illness at times – but not ALL the time.

I am busy being beautifully bipolar. I am taking the ups with the downs. I am not laughing at their jokes, because they aren’t funny and what is perhaps most frustrating is that these jokes are being shared by those of us who live with the illness. These people shouldn’t be ignorant or oblivious of their actions. I know, I know. They just want people to like them or follow them or deem their word as fact. I just wish they didn’t make it harder to be as beautifully bipolar as I am, as I try to be.

Should you feel sorry for me?

Elaina J. Martin

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