Mood Shifts Around The Holidays For People Living With Bipolar Disorder

Ahhhhhh! Am I the only one whose moods have been all over the place this holiday season? I've spent the past four days crying uncontrollably over simple nothings. Last night I watched a great funny movie and turned it around. Also, my older brother invited me out to a coffee shop today which required showering so at least I was no longer stinky. When I am severely depressed, as I was, my personal hygiene is one...


Patiently Waiting On Bipolar Meds

Being beautifully bipolar comes with its trappings. Rage, irratability, depression, happiness, mania - so many emotions. As I have mentioned before, and as many people have described it, it is a roller coaser. Unfortunately we do not do not have musch control over it.

Therapy helps....