Flowers On Concrete

Not too far from my house is a cemetery, less little over a mile. I don't normally see it, trees block it from the main road, but when I come home the "back way," I pass it. I look out my driver's side window at all the colorful flowers. Sometimes there will be an awning up because that particular day is a day for a burial.

When I pass this cemetery, or any, I am overcome...


Rest For A While

Sleep is paramount to my mental stability. It is often a lack of sleep that brings on mania for me. (Don’t worry, I am not turning manic today). In fact, when I am in a manic phase I will sleep on average 2 hours...


Walking Out On Your Disorder

Mental illness is more prevalent than people may know. One in four people live with a mental illness. of the United States population lives with bipolar disorder. 83% are classified as severe. Those are some meaningful numbers.

Being beautiful bipolar has its extremes. We...