Can a person change if they really want to?

I believe a desire to change is the first step, but everyone knows that we can’t always get what we want. The desire to make changes in our lives is just a starting point. We must go beyond that.

First, we must be honest with ourselves and others in order to become aware of our negative patterns and of the problems in our current situation. Then we can examine ourselves, and figure out the specific areas that we need to address in order to change. Next, we need to be willing to learn and implement new skills in our lives. It is a process of constant self-examination, learning and practice.

In the next several posts I will be sharing about the process I go through in order to recover from addiction and mental health issues and to bring about change in my life. I hope you can find something helpful in my posts that will aid you in making changes in your life too.

Even though the process of change and recovery is hard work, it is completely worth it!

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