Millennials Might Just Save Our Humanity

Our paths may divide, but one is not less than the other.

Millennials are bursting onto the work scene in ever growing numbers these days, which makes them a growing percentage of the work force. Having been born before this generation, my social media and news feeds are frequented with articles, blogs, and statistics about how we are going to be in trouble if we pass the torch onto this new generation. I admit...


Anxiety in a World of Terrorism

We now live in a world where war is no longer limited to a geographical location. In past times of war, you knew where the armies were, and civilians typically had time to escape their path. In modern times, war has taken on a fluid form because the enemy is unidentifiable and sympathizers are just as dangerous as militias. With many countries waging war against terrorism, the theater in which war is fought has changed. Now the terrorists...


Surviving Motherhood

Now Hiring: Full time live in position. Expectations: you will be the maid, cook, chauffeur, tutor. You will be expected to do laundry, grocery shop, do laundry. Time off: none. No vacation no sick days, no personal time. Pay: nothing.

Welcome to motherhood

No one said that being a mother was an easy job. Its quit simply the hardest job around. The reality of this is often lost on new parents who may understand the words, but will...

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is an ability that many people struggle with. By definition, it refers to interpersonal relationships and how far you are willing to let things go. Many people struggle with this skill,