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Early Signs of ASD

One of the irrefutable facts that everyone seems to agree upon is that early intervention can make a huge difference in the life of a child diagnosed with ASD. Therefore,

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  • September 29, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    Early detection of ASD is important for two reasons:
    1. Mild ASD such as Asperger’s is often misdiagnosed as ADHD
    2. The earlier ASD is detected, the earlier it can be treated and the better the outcome.

    Here are what I consider soft signs of early autism by age 12 months:

    Often…the affected child:

    •Doesn’t look directly at an adult or another child upon hearing his or her name (Parent report it’s as if the child appears to have a hearing problem and they have to force him or her to look)
    •Doesn’t follow an object such as a toy when placed within his or her immediate gaze (limited eye contact and visual tracking)
    •Doesn’t cry or at least try to form non-word or open-vowel sounds such as oooh, bababaaa and aaah (non-directed vocalization occurs spontaneously)
    •Doesn’t try to repeat directed, word sounds such as oooh, aaah, no, yes, dada, or mama
    •Doesn’t cry, smile or laugh when being played with (all considered normal early social interaction behaviors)

    While early ASD detection means earlier therapy and improved chances for success in life, it is equally important that ASD not be mistaken for ADHD as the misdiagnosis and mislabeling of such a child will result in the delay in starting and use of inappropriate medications.
    ASD (especially Asperger’s) is just one group of the more than 50 disorders that might cause ADHD misdiagnosis.


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