Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Playing the social roleIn my last blog I addressed the idea of “faking it.” This is a concept that I have often used when teaching social skills, especially for those kids (mostly adolescents) who say they just don’t care or don’t want to engage with others.


A New Web Resource Announced

new autism web resourceThis week, the company that brought us Zac Browser announced a new autism resource website – www.autismadvisoryboard.com.  The objective of this resource according to it’s president and CEO John LeSieur “…is to unite the expertise of people around the world and make it freely available to anyone in touch with autism…our goal is to provide important information and ways to better work with professionals.”

The Autism Advisory Board is comprised of over 90 volunteers from around the world including individuals with ASD,


Strategy: Thought and Speech Bubbles

It’s well known that people with ASD are often very concrete in their understanding and use of language. That means that when communication is subtle, abstract, or metaphorical, the intent of the message is likely to be missed entirely,