Asperger Syndrome

Asperger’s And Non-Aspie Relationships

Having a partner with Aspergers when you’re a “neurotypical” can be challenging at times, and Aspies can sometimes be confused and frustrated by the needs of neurotypical partners. If you are the neurotypical partner, it helps to understand that your partner processes differently and has different needs and expectations, and is not uncaring, trying to hold out on you or deliberately trying to upset you. If you are the Aspie, you need to understand your partner’s needs, feelings and ideas are as important to him or her as yours are to you. You need to take these needs seriously if you want to be together.

Asperger Syndrome

Being Asperger’s And Transgender

The increased incidence of individuals who are both transgender and on the autistic spectrum as compared to the expected number of those identifying as transgender in the  general population is demonstrated by research. Understanding this is a more complex matter, and one that has given rise to hypotheses running from gender nonconformity to some overlapping genetic contribution. Just as there’s no single typical Asperger individual, it seems unlikely that one idea explains everyone.

Asperger Syndrome

“Are You Yelling?” Asperger’s, NLD And Tone

Most experienced parents and teachers are well aware that children with NLD and Asperger’s don't pick up on nonverbal cues. Most often the focus (and intervention) is on cues having to do with facial expression, body language and gesture. What many don’t realize is that tone of voice is also a nonverbal cue that is often misinterpreted. 

Asperger Syndrome

Fighting Less:  Asperger’s/NLD “Children” and Parents

Parents and children (of all ages) often live together. This is especially challenging for families of AS/NLD “kids.” For example, parents of a girl I’m working with had a laundry list of complaints of how she didn’t “act her age;” she felt constantly criticized. A solution is working over time. The girl’s parents had to understand and accept her as who she was, so there wasn’t the constant undercurrent of criticism and disappointment. They needed to narrow down the laundry list to a few reasonable goals. The girl needed to recognize a few requests that made sense, and “buy into” making them work for her. Life was more tolerable for everyone when expectations were realistic.

There are ways to get along and reduce conflict. Here’s some ideas to foster mutual understanding (and a little more peace)  between parents and children.

Asperger Syndrome

Parenting Asperger’s And NLD Children: Using Help

Children with Asperger’s or NLD often receive help at school and outside school. They might see OT’s, psychologists, guidance counselors, special education teachers, and Speech and Language therapists, as a partial list, to help with anxiety, depression, social skills, sensory issues and motor skills, handling frustrations, and schoolwork. They often create behavior plans at home and school. I often see a team of people working with a child. What amazes me is that these people usually don’t communicate with each other, and often don’t communicate with parents in a helpful way.