One thought on “Asperger’s Syndrome And Handling Social Anxiety

  • July 27, 2017 at 9:45 am

    I really enjoyed this article as a person with Asperger’s syndrome. Asperger’s syndrome and Social anxiety do go in hand as individuals with Asperger’s syndrome do experience some type of social anxiety. However, I do think that it does affect individuals differently depending on a few variables (gender, who you hang around with, etc.) First, I say that social anxiety is based on gender because if you look at it, males who have Asperger’s syndrome tend to be bullied more than females who have Asperger’s syndrome (I’m not denying that bullying exists among females with Asperger’s syndrome) because males with Asperger’s syndrome are seen as weak or inferior by other males especially those who are non autistic (however males with AS tend to make relationships with other males with AS or Autism because they have a lot of similarities and can relate to one another). I don’t really see this scenario too often with females. I have seen many females with AS hang out with their female partners (both AS and non AS). The reason behind this is because there is a big cultural trend revolves around pushing male teenagers and young adults to be “jocky” and to push superiority among males today. Therefore, any male who is below this male jocky type superiority is considered “weak”. Second, I say that social anxiety is based on who you hang around with. This is totally true! If you hang around someone who is accepting and compassionate, I don’t believe that social anxiety tend to exist that much since you tend to be more comfortable to hanging out with a person who is nice and accepting. I bet there are a few other factors which affect Asperger’s syndrome and social anxiety! I would like to find out.


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