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Asperger and NLD Students : Unmet Learning Challenges?…rning-challenges/ ‎
Most students with Aspergers Syndrome (AS) and Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD) are bright. They often do well in school, especially on tasks involving facts and logic. However, many AS/NLD students experience learning challenges relative to their intellectual potential, often in language skills. Pragmatic language, the skills of everyday social language (including body language), are often taught in social groups or in Speech and Language sessions.  Other key skills can fly under the radar.

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Asperger and NLD Students : Unmet Learning Challenges?

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  1. This is a very interesting and intriguing article. Fortunately for me, I always had a passion for writing. I even like to write poetry and have done my Masters Thesis on my experiences with having Aspergers. However, it is interesting to read that some people with Aspergers have a difficult time writing, organizing and prioritizing thoughts, and getting to the main point. There are times when I can even go on a tangent, but I feel I was blessed with a God-given talent to write and want to put it to good use so that’s why I continue to write so many articles on Linkedin. Eventually, I would like to get my own site and post articles there, but Linkedin will suffice for now. I just hope what I write helps other people and they can identify with what I go through on a daily basis. BTW, I wrote and sent an email to you about some of my experiences in life. I hope you find it enjoyable or fascinating.

  2. Nice article. Though I have always had a passion for writing and never experienced many of the problems you mentioned, it is fascinating to read and know that others with Aspergers do have a hard time being articulate and aren’t organized in their thoughts when writing papers. I always loved writing papers and doing research. I liked papers better than tests. LOL

    • I found many had no problem with creative writing. The problem was with expository writing when they had to prioritize and organize information. You are an amazing writer. As I said in my first blog, no “rule” or observation applies to everyone!

  3. Great article but I would love to know what career the girl ended up in after moving through all those colleges.

    • Theater. No “papers.”

  4. I find this to be true especially once they hit 4th grade and they are asked to do creative writing, read novels and work in groups.
    I have had clients where it has taken 3 years to get services because they did not have external behavior plans, they focussed internally on their own areas of interest until they hit 4th grade. Many of the children I see shut down in school, did not complete work and still did not get services when they refused to go to school or talked about wishing they were dead. What has helped the most is when we do a private evaluation and capture in vivid details and data that the school overlooked.

    • I appreciate your bringing up the issue of having (or not having) a behavior plan. It’s my experience as well that students get attention if their behavior is disruptive – for that behavior. I guess it does put them on the Special Ed map, this interest often doesn’t extend to academics.

    • Thanks for the spot-on reply to this topic. I have an Asperger boy who is in 2nd grade and it’s very hard to get him to write. He doesn’t want to do it and his handwriting is usually very rough (different sizes, too large, uneven, different cases. When I ask for OT help at school with his handwriting, I am told that his handwriting meets the expectations for his grade and that he doesn’t need any more help. They produce papers that he wrote very neatly even though he never writes like this at other times. And they say “he can do it if he wants to”, which frustrates me no end. I worry that in 3rd and 4th grade there will be more pressure to produce longer papers and other written projects and he will just shut down and refuse to do it. He already refuses to do reading comprehension problems on homework and always wants to just write the answer rather than doing complete sentences. On the other hand, he is an excellent speller and expert at phonics and reads at 4th grade level…he just doesn’t want to write.


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