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Archives for March, 2016


Can Hospital ERs Be Asperger-Friendly? 10 Tips to Help.

Going into a hospital ER is an overwhelming experience for anyone. It’s particularly difficult for someone with Aspergers, NLD or similar challenges. First, you’re there for a reason and that’s often scary. Second, there’s the sensory bombardment of noises and lights. Being around people who may be upset themselves in close contact challenges anyone. Third, ER’s have administrative procedures and staff that are unfamiliar and therefore challenging.

Some hospitals are taking steps...
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Schools, Discipline And Students With Aspergers / NLD

Kids with Aspergers and similar challenges often face punitive consequences for their behavior in school. They usually do what makes sense to them, which can be seen from the point of view of others as oppositional, disruptive and rule-breaking. Parents and schools must know the law protecting behaviors related to a disability.
An appropriate response requires that the school understand the inappropriate behavior in the context...
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Talking So Your Child With Asperger’s or NLD Will Listen

Divergent thinkers' ideas make logical sense to themselves. I’m often the one trying to help families and schools understand my Asperger’s/NLD clients. I worked with one boy who was shoving kids in the hall. This boy had a behavior plan that he shouldn’t push; he would have a consequence of being sent to the principal  if he did.

I listened to his perspective, which was that kids were bumping into him...
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