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Work with the brain to keep your New Years Resolutions…

Normally the week between Christmas and New Year is a lull of rest, relaxation, good books, and for me, cooking! But this Tuesday we welcomed our daughter, Claudia Grace into the world. I now understand why they call babies a ‘bundle of joy’ because that’s exactly what she is!

Before giving birth I was quite nervous, as so many women had shared with me their birth experiences and most of them didn’t sound too pleasant to put it mildly! But I was determined to have a ‘natural’ birth, which meant no interventions unless absolutely necessary, and no pain relief.

I’m sharing this with you because I realised something over the course of the labour, which indeed became increasingly painful (!), because there is a lesson here that I think is very helpful, especially at this time of year.

Long prior to going into labour, I had decided that an epidural was not an option. I wanted to experience the joy of childbirth and let nature do it’s thing. I’ll be honest with you, I HATE needles, so the thought of an epidural put me right off and that was incentive enough to brave what came my way!

The point though, is that I had decided with conviction long before the main event, that this was my plan. So once the pain arrived (and yes it’s very intense) the option to take pain relief, although there, just wasn’t an option for me. I was completely committed to my plan and so couldn’t deviate from it. 
Two thought processes were at play here:


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