The Missed Signs of Childhood OCD

Your child frequently confesses their disturbing thoughts. You catch them making unusual gestures or eye movements. At bedtime you have a “routine” that has to be done in a certain way or you have to start over. All of these are potential signs of childhood OCD.

Childhood OCD affects approximately 1 out of every 100 children. That is a shocking statistic. Especially since most parents aren’t fully aware of all the signs and symptoms of OCD. OCD goes way beyond hand washing or...

Fears & Worries

5 Missed Signs of Child Anxiety

Anxiety in children is obvious, right? Kids would tell you their fears. They would be scared all the time. They might cling to you in new situations.

You would know if your child is anxious – wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, anxiety isn’t always that obvious. Some children don’t...


Welcome to Parenting Anxious Kids

Parenting is a road built upon a foundation of hard work, endless sleepless nights, and a never-wavering belief in the hope for your child's future. But while parenting itself can sometimes be a trial, parenting toddlers, children and teenagers who are anxious can be especially challenging.

How do you cope with your anxious kid? How do your deal with a child who is filled with worry? How do you console a...