Fears & Worries

5 Myths About Child Anxiety

People make tons of assumptions about child anxiety. Unfortunately, many of these are completely false. I hear these assumptions from well-intentioned parents who are baffled by their anxious children. I hear them from friends and family who don’t get anxiety. Perhaps you hear these...

Fears & Worries

How to Teach Your Kids to Beat Anxiety

It is bedtime. It is also time for the tears and fears.

It is school time again. Welcome back stomachaches and tantrums.

It is a party invitation. Here come the jitters and clingy hands.

New classes and new seasons begin. Hello, late nights and self-doubt.

Will your child ever beat anxiety?

Anxiety is a beast. It is the silent presence in your family that is wreaking havoc and taking away happiness in its wake.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Parents don’t have to be a lifelong...