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Back to Work Stress

When we write books we review hundreds of research studies—combing the literature for evidence based treatments as well as interesting new possibilities. We spent many months preparing and writing our last book on child psychology and development. We took a huge amount of material and clinical experience and organized what we (and many reviewers) believe is an original way to conceptualize childhood and child psychopathology.

So, one afternoon, after a grueling day of working...
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Jet Lag and Feeling as Useless as a Chocolate Tea Pot

We just returned from a much enjoyed vacation to the British Isles. When I can remember, I like to write down ideas for blogs or other projects and carry them around. Many times I forget to use them or look them over later and can’t figure out why the particular phrase sounded so interesting. Well, we were taking a tour of some prehistoric ruins and for some reason the tour guide (I forget...
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Booming Anxiety

Well, we finished our next book: Child Psychology and Development for Dummies. It’s not out yet, but you can order it online. We’re really proud of the book and hope our readers will find it interesting, fun, utilitarian, and educational.

Perhaps some of you have been reading about the developing competition between hard or soft cover books and e-books. Amazon recently relayed that their market share for e-books has exceeded their market share for traditional books....
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Anxiety and Blogging

We were both the kind of students who showed up early to class, got all of our homework done on time, and worked hard to get good grades. Both of us can still recall the times we didn’t quite meet our own very tough expectations.
Through the years, we’ve attempted to listen to our own advice and do our best—but also know that we can’t do everything all of the time....
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