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Archives for November, 2011


Creative Cheating?

Drs. Francesca Gino and Dan Ariely (the latter is an author of several fascinating social psychology books) recently published a highly creative article on the potential dark side of creativity. Obviously, creativity is a highly valued ability, especially in today’s rapidly evolving, complex world. Creative products sell better and creative companies thrive in competitive environments. Who could argue about the value of creativity? Certainly not Apple and probably not most of its customers.

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Popular Psychology

Blogging on Thanksgiving

Almost every Friday afternoon, our Blog Managing Editor on PsychCentral, Jessica DiGiacinto, sends fellow bloggers a bit of wisdom—sometimes compliments, sometimes tips, sometimes grammar advice, and sometimes a bit about her life in Colorado. Last Friday she told us that she’d be out of town on Thanksgiving visiting relatives and that she might not answer our questions as quickly as usual. She also suggested that we might want to post blogs...
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Replacing Anxious Thoughts with Thanks

Next week is Thanksgiving—a time of reflection, gratitude, and for many people, stress. That’s how I was feeling this afternoon at the grocery store. I stopped there after a busy day of work to pick up a chicken breast and a bag of salad greens for dinner tonight. The parking lot was full and the lines were unusually long. I realized that some of the shoppers were stocking up...
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Cold and Dark

We have 300 days of sunshine here in New Mexico. Yes, I admit it; I’m spoiled. Several years ago when we wrote Seasonal Affective Disorder for Dummies, we got a lot of teasing about that. People would ask, how can a couple of psychologists from one of the sunniest places in the world write about a disorder that involves lack of sunshine?

This is the time of year that many...
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When Fear Looks Like Anger

When children are afraid of something, adults often reassure them. Many kids are afraid of the dark or of monsters under the bed. This fear usually starts sometime around preschool and is a great way to delay bedtime or to keep a loved one hovering around the bedside.

Many millions of parents, with good intentions, have said to their scared kids, “Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Most scared kids willingly accept their...
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Anxiety: Three Messages to Avoid Giving Kids

Kids don’t generally develop anxiety disorders all on their own. Oh sure, genes and biology have some influence, but these factors largely just predispose kids in the direction of acquiring problems with anxiety. The wrong messages can push both anxiously disposed kids as well as otherwise normal kids in the direction of struggling with anxiety for the rest of their lives.

If you’re a parent or someone who cares about kids, you...
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