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Archives for December, 2010


Flying Fears During the Holidays

This holiday season we had a visitor from out of town who was puzzled by a new fear of turbulence during his recent flights. This young man had been a frequent flyer all of his life. He said that he had never experienced any fear until this past year.

He described feelings of panic and a racing heart beat when the plane hit turbulence. Since we have written extensively about anxiety,...
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Beginnings: Let There Be Light!

Today is one of my favorite days-- solstice. The beginning of winter or winter solstice means that each day for the next six months is a bit longer than yesterday.

This is very good news for our friends in the northern hemisphere who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Hope returns, light is coming—light always follows the short dark days of fall.

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Costa Rican Happiness

We just returned from a trip to Costa Rica. We had planned to post a blog while we were away but due to our own technical limitations we were not able to figure out how to do much more than answer a couple of emails. Oh well.  Not being able to post didn’t seem to push us over the edge.

But back to the point. When we travel around the world, we...
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