Chuck and I have been having lots of fun recently doing talk radio shows across the country. A second edition of Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies was released last month and people are pretty interested in the topic of anxiety. We especially love radio interviews because we can stay home; work in our sweats, and we enjoy talking about anxiety.

We’ve had lots of experience working with anxious people, writing about anxiety, and having experienced a reasonable share of anxiety ourselves.

However, our preparation for these radio interviews is pretty intense. First, we have to find something really tasty in the meat section of our refrigerator. Then one of us calls the dogs out of the back door (mere dog bones no longer work), while the other quickly closes the dog door. Then we have to take the dogs out to the back of our house. We get a card table and barricade the dog door because when desperate, they have been known to somehow get the dang thing open. We believe that they must work together, one pushing the door up, the other sticking her head inside. We put several huge flower pots outside the dog door to add to barricade. After taking care of the dogs, we go to the front door and tape a large note on it that says, “please do not knock or ring the doorbell.”

These elaborate procedures are the result of a few very embarrassing broadcasts. In one of our first shows, we put the dogs out (they have a perfectly nice yard, water, and shade), and they started yelping so loudly it was obvious to the radio host that they were being tortured. This particular host did not seem very understanding despite our sincere apologies.

The next show, we kept the dogs in our office during the interviews thinking that they would sleep, as they usually do, under the desks. Unfortunately, the UPS guy rang the doorbell. For those of you who don’t have dogs, the UPS guy causes all dogs in the world to go into full attack mode. This time the host laughed (obviously a dog lover).

Our dogs can go for days without barking. They love to go and play outside. Furthermore, entire days can pass without a single human ringing our doorbell. But there seems to be something about radio shows. They must be a magnate for the UPS guys. And a clarion call to our dogs to begin howling… Go figure.