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Archives for June, 2010

Psychological Research & Weirdos

Many of the articles we all enjoy on Psych Central are reports on the latest psychological research. Chuck and I spend many hours keeping up to date daily by belonging to a comprehensive listserve run by fellow psychologist Ken Pope. He sends out news and opinions from a wide variety of sources. One article that he sent out last week from the June issues of Science was quite fascinating.

The article brought up a concern that many of us are vaguely aware of but...
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Anxiety and Job Loss

The economy continues to crank out bad news. Today’s statistics about home sales were dismal. Housing sales last month were the lowest since 1963. That’s pretty bad. Experts are starting to speculate that the poor housing market could push the economy into a double...
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Surprisingly Effective Breast Cancer Treatment: If Only it Were a Drug

Our colleague, Ken Pope passes along articles of interest to a large list of professionals. One of the articles he recently sent was titled “Psychological intervention provides enduring health benefits for women with breast cancer.”

The article was quite interesting and contained findings, that if replicated, could be extremely important and promising to women diagnosed with breast cancer. The authors indicated that women receiving psychological intervention for stress reduction reported reduced stress and improvements in emotional distress as compared to those who did not...
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Radio Shows and Dog Anxiety

Chuck and I have been having lots of fun recently doing talk radio shows across the country. A second edition of Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies was released last month and people are pretty interested in the topic of anxiety. We especially love radio interviews because we can stay home; work in our sweats, and we enjoy talking about anxiety.

We’ve had lots of experience working with anxious people, writing about anxiety, and having experienced a...
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