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Archives for February, 2010

When Worries Happen

Anxiety is normal and only considered a disorder when it significantly interferes with day-to-day living. A critical element of treating most anxiety disorders is exposure. Basically, exposure involves facing what you fear. Depending on your specific fear, this exposure can either be real or...
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Winter Blues and Hope

A few years ago, Chuck and I were asked to write Seasonal Affective Disorder For Dummies. SAD is thought to be a biologically caused type of depression related to the lack of sunlight in the winter. We had a great time researching and writing the material—including a trip to Alaska to interview people who live months without seeing sun and one to Merida Mexico, an area close to the equator which gets pretty steady sunlight times all year long.

Here in New Mexico, we...
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When Pain Becomes a Tsunami: Don’t Try this at Home!

I haven’t very often suffered from significant chronic pain in my life; a fact that I am quite grateful for as I’ve worked with many patients who have faced this condition. I always had considerable empathy for their plights, but never fully understood how incapacitating it can be. And the anxiety of such pain continuing for a prolonged time doesn’t help matters much either.

So, the other day, after sitting through two...
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