About Amanda Knapp

IMG_6202Amanda Knapp is a writer, a mother, a wife, and someone who struggles with both anxiety and depression.

She has a Masters degree in English, and prior to having children, she taught college level writing for many years.

Now that she is a stay at home mom, she finds writing to be her connection to the outside world and a way for her to express herself when so much of her life is wrapped up in nurturing the well being of others.

Amanda has struggled with anxiety (a hybrid of sorts between GAD and OCD) for as long as she can remember, and she has had bouts with depression multiple times during her adult life. Her most serious battle with depression occurred after the birth of one of her children.

She believes that one of the hardest parts of struggling with mood disorders is that they can make sufferers feel absolutely alone. For years she would ask herself “why me?” when she was having difficult times. The answer then came to her that the reason she was chosen for these afflictions is because she can share her stories with others and be a voice for the voiceless.

In addition to writing for Psych Central she also has her own blog, www.indisposablemama.com and she writes for Mothering.com as well as Catholic365.com. She also does some freelance blog work.

Her dream is to one day write a book that can help connect her struggles and triumphs with those of others who suffer from the same afflictions.

Mood disorders are a beast, but together she feels we can thrive in their midst.

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