Every year on New Years, we hear “new year, new you!” It sounds so enticing. After all, a new year is a new start. What could be better than to start off the year as a brand new person… a person who has overcome all your weaknesses and sore spots.
I don’t like thinking that way anymore. After all, who wants to be new? Newness denotes a lack of experience, freedom from trials, cleanliness, purity.
And we aren’t those things. We are worn in, smoothed over, roughened up. We’ve been challenged and inspired and torn apart and built back up.
We are all that has come before us, and we bring it all into the new year.
And that’s not sad. That’s not depressing. That’s inspiring. That’s wisdom. That’s age. And that’s experience.
So as we start 2017, don’t look to create a new you. Take the beautiful you that already exists and give her some new goals. Believe in her. Tell her she is already enough… but still she can be more.
Happy New Years my friends. Thank you to all who have visited me on the web this year. Thank you to all who have commented or emailed me. And thank you to all who have shared your own struggles with me.
2016 was pretty good for me. Let’s do 2017 even better!