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Finding Peace Despite Uncertainty

life with uncertaintyLife would be easier if we lived in a black-and-white world.  If things either were or were not.  If people were good or bad, and answers were either right or wrong.

But that’s not where we are, and that one simple fact has caused me so much confusion.

Because how do we find certainty in a world that is not certain?  And how do we find peace if there is no certainty?  And how do we find happiness or contentment or fulfillment if there is no peace?

I’ve spent my life waiting for the “when” to come.  You know, the…

“When this happens, I will finally be calm.”

“When so and so does x, then I will be happy.”

“When I make no more mistakes, I will be at peace.”

Obviously those whens never arrive, and so I have had to try to find my way, as we all do, to peace in spite of the uncertainty.

I’m learning to do it.  Slowly, like a baby testing its legs, I find myself testing my peace of mind in a world that won’t promise me a safety net.

Sometimes that sucks.  Sometimes it causes panic and fear and doubt.

But sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes it teaches me that I can swim despite the waves, that I can soar despite the storms, and I can survive despite the obstacles that life throws my way.

I’m starting to think that perhaps one of the true lessons of this life is that in order to thrive, we need to accept that nothing is granted to us, nothing will be given for free, and absolutely nothing is guaranteed. But we can rise despite all of this, and we can find peace in the face of it.

What alternative do we have? Fight the overwhelming power of what is?

That’s about the only fight we are guaranteed to lose.

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Finding Peace Despite Uncertainty

Amanda Knapp

Amanda Knapp is a mother, wife, writer, former writing teacher, and lover of the written word. She writes for Psych Central, Mothering, Catholic 365, and her own blog, .

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