What Anxiety Does

anxietyMy therapists have always told me that the more I try to block out intrusive thoughts, the more they will come.  They used the common metaphor of the purple elephant: try not to think of a purple elephant and you most certainly will.  


What OCD Steals

46891_460008584746_7870341_nI have been mildly obsessive compulsive for most of my life.  People don’t know this about me because most of what I go through happens in my brain –


Anxiety Relapse

anxietyrelapseI think it’s fairly safe to say at this point that I have relapsed a bit into anxiety.  This is always a bit of a bitter pill to swallow,


Postpartum Compulsions


The night before my eldest daughter’s Baptism, I slept.  I slept in near peace.  I had convinced myself that she wouldn’t die the night before her Baptism.  


The Power of Five Minutes


I have been a stay at home mom for almost seven years now.  In practically every way I can imagine, it fulfills me.  There’s something about being responsible for the well being and development of a little person that just seems to surpass all the other responsibilities I have had in my life.