7 thoughts on “Me Too and the Bro Culture: Giving a Voice to Oppression

  • June 29, 2018 at 6:45 am

    Sounds like you’re talking about implicit bias training which has been thoroughly debunked. You know what’s actually going to get people to drop their preconceptions about others? Forcing them to work together for a common good, such as the working class coming together–the blacks, the browns, the whites, the blues (you know, the Bedouins)–to fight, say, the 40 years of economic injustice known as the American economy. Because no one has ever said, “I think today I’d like to work on my biases.” People have to be forced to do it for a very good reason, and multi-racialism and diversity are not good enough reasons.

  • July 5, 2018 at 10:20 pm

    You’re using the feminist perception (or should I say misrepresentation) of masculinity to make your case, which in my opinion is intellectually dishonest. VERY dishonest.

    The overwhelming majority of gay men love masculinity and expect men to be masculine in the traditional sense of the word (probably because growing up most gay men didn’t have a good father figure). I should know this because I am gay (though I disagree with gay marriage and have a pretty conservative stance toward most social issues- the misconception that gay men want gay marriage is another myth that needs to die, but I digress).

    The vast majority of women love masculine men and they don’t mind living a traditional life where the man does the hard work and provides for the family. There’s nothing women love more than a traditional masculine husband. The women who have a problem with masculinity represent a very small minority that also happens to be the most vocal, hence the misleading impression that they speak for all women. They don’t. They’re just unhappy hysterical women who talk too much.

    Masculinity is absolutely fundamental to human progress because progress is based on competition, and competition is an essential part of masculinity. Men love to compete with one another. This desire to be the king of the hill and do things no one has done before leads to progress. That’s why successful women are very masculine and tough, they don’t have meltdowns because someone somewhere ‘fat-shamed’ them or called them ‘honey’. They don’t get ‘hurt’ by words.

    So don’t lecture me on gender equality; just show it and I’ll believe it. If you’re a woman and you think you’re as good or better than men, then compete with men and win! And if you fail, don’t say it’s because of ‘toxic masculinity’ or ‘the war on women’. It’s because you’re not good enough. So man up, be better prepared next time and stop getting aggravated over the words and expressions people use.

    Last but not least, we should admit and accept that men are more affectionate and therefore more vulnerable to depression after divorces and break ups, which is why the suicide rate in men is three times higher than in women. But most men get over it without having to talk and complain about it 24/7.

    So there.

  • July 11, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    Since ages, men did the tough jobs(hunting and strenous work) as nature in general made them physically and emotionally tough. While in case of women, they are physically and emotionally weak and also have the period problem from time to time. That’s why nature gave them the easier task of giving birth and nurturing the kids.

    Men took the responsibility of taking care of the women and children by struggling in their corporate lives to earn a living without complaining. All they asked from women is to be supportive at all times. What women did in return is horrible.

    They complained about mansplaining and manspreading. They juggled the corporate ladder just to compete with men, leaving the kids alone at home. They became overly demanding and liberated. Just in the name of diversity, they encouraged for havin open borders to allow immigrants to get in the country and create havoc and increase local job market competition. They falsely accuse men for rape, as a majority of #MeToo claims are fake. The worst of all –
    they became feminists. Still there are a certain exceptions for women who do not fall into such categories. They are a few left women who did not fall in the trap of degeneracy that the western world has fallen into.

    Just keep in mind that men are needed remain strong, not because they want to maintain their masculine pride, but to stop the civilization from reaching to its doom by allowing the cultural marxism to progress.

    • January 18, 2019 at 8:59 am

      This comment seriously has to be a joke?! Have you ever given birth? If you had, you not be dubbing it “easier” than working at a Corporate job? Feel bad for any women in your life…smh… wow.

  • July 25, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Why would the president put so many women in such high positions in his administration/organization if he wanted them to be subservient? How many men must report to those women? Those men would be subordinates; I don’t agree with your assessment that he is “yearning for a re-establishment of “traditional” gender roles.” He has put women in authoritarian positions and rightfully so if they are qualified. I have absolutely no problem with that. My supervisor is a woman and I love working for her. She is well qualified for the job, probably more so than people above her.

    But saying he wants to establish men as “dominant” and women as “subservient” is making a statement posed as a fact. Sounds like you are trying to be “dominant” and force your opinion upon readers.

  • October 9, 2018 at 5:24 am

    A good note on how to control anger at various instances. Great job!


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