Can you Predict the Future?

shutterstock_120327571Melissa’s boss Vince is provoking her because of his own insecurity. He is trying to build himself up by tearing her down. Vince may sense her vulnerability and he sees her as a “safe” target.


Being Romantic: What makes a Great Date

shutterstock_174929810What is the secret to having a great date? There’s no official definition for a “great date”, but its usually associated with romance, connection and this-is-the-one excitement. But with so many random people getting together,


Coping with a Demanding Child

shutterstock_134860055Therapist: “I suspect that you are parenting your child as your mother parented you, and solving problems the way she did, even though it makes you and everyone else miserable.”

Irene: “That’s why I’m here.